here is some of the visual art i make, you can use it as long as you credit me for the creation.


i mainly use gimp for my abstract works, as well as designing my album covers. it can be a bit obtuse at times if you just want to quickly edit a photograph, but i’ve found that it really lends itself to experimentation. most of my knowledge of gimp is purely gained from changing sliders and observing the output, which can lead to some pretty unique designs.


i have been flameworking since i was 2014, and have a small collection of photos from my progress in glassblowing. i transitioned from on-mandrel soda-lime glass to off-mandrel borosilicate around 2016-2017, and have been using it ever since.

if anything i’ve made is available for purchase, it will be at the top of the page.

blender (animations) (renders)

a collection of 3d animations and renders that i’ve done using blender. i’ve only been using it since mid-2023, but am slowly gaining more experience and confidence using it.

i really enjoy the ability to play around with physics and procedural generation, and combining the two can lead to really interesting visuals.


these are some interesting images i have generated using stable diffusion. i’ve been using it as an idea clarifier/explorer, but i don’t have good enough hardware to really use it to its full potential. my current limitations make me want to explore it more in the future, but i’ve currently been using it less over time.