7_56:0b/14/h/5614_#c> - 2020

qinetiq: 7_56:0b/14/h/5614_#c - idm [2020]

this is the first album i made of mostly composed songs, as well as doing actual automation and mixing. looking back, i’m really impressed by some of the stuff i was able to create on this one, especially some of the glitchy orchestral arrangements.

as a side note, this album was easily the most effort i put into naming songs. at the most basic, certain identifiers are determined by metadata from each song, which is then encoded in a modulus function around the data generated by the songs position in the album.

track list

  1. 6_b:614/7
  2. 3/7:513_c
  3. c:636/7_7
  4. a_6/7:d24
  5. b/7:d34_5
  6. 2_2/7:f15
  7. 5:e01_4/7
  8. 4_3:e05/7
  9. 1:f21/7_1
  10. 7/7_a:626