7VN1W17> - 2021

qinetiq: 7VN1W17 - experimental [2021]

this is easily my most experimental release, and was a bit of a reaction and draw-back from how intensely i had gotten into super intricate mixing and writing on my previous efforts. all of these songs exist more as soundscapes, and really don’t have much composition behind them. i was really exploring using a studio as an instrument at this time, and this led to my most other-worldly sound design so far. most of these tracks were made without many or any synths, utilizing various audio phenomena like feedback, phaser pings, and filter ringing.

track list

  1. N1Vr6 053R
  2. WV4Vdp
  3. 4ct3rt56
  4. Kc17c
  5. r4tt13
  6. w4v3G
  7. p35V4d
  8. N0RtK373
  9. x4W_dw0c
  10. D373VpY
  11. c0MpC7rL
  12. CYc73_R3V
  13. d007_3tV6
  14. R3ffnq
  15. 8tnWr3d
  16. Lv771c3
  17. N1V6v63w
  18. Tnc3A17
  19. 5V17v d15
  20. 53Lf_3x7