8-tMrIaDkI> - 2022

qinetiq: 8-tMrIaDkI - idm [2022]

my first album with a hardware sampler. the ability to use anything as a sound source is extremely liberating, and really changed how i approach creating and appreciating music. when i was younger i thought that sampling led to sterile and lifeless sounds, but it can really be the complete opposite. i record all my own samples from my synths and other recorded sounds i enjoy, which has lead me to discover a quite unique aesthetic and sound for my music, that i’ve really continued to evolve and add to from this album forward.

track list

  1. buIlDuP (99)
  2. nToHrXd (127)
  3. fndSND (133)
  4. mltpat (157)
  5. octakker (109)
  6. FuLL (126)
  7. 8OSC+8pat (175)
  8. ARRbreak (118)
  9. asycnthiondy (87)