I1lumn8> - 2022

qinetiq: I1lumn8 - idm [2022]

this album has a lot of songs that are inspired by various artists that have guided my own music journey. i went into most of these songs trying to make my version of another artist, as a way to really broaden my skills. i never really succeeded in my original quest but i always got sidetracked into something that was new to me, but still had my own mark. this is one of my most solid releases across all of the songs, and it has some of the widest sonic ranges across any of my albums while still maintaining coherency through out it.

track list

  1. blofamb
  2. wZ
  3. ch4Ncj3
  4. bk+bng
  5. kl4kt
  6. vv1ch35
  7. nze
  8. ch1m
  9. dZb
  10. feM4n
  11. blof amb