jxtpsn> - 2020

qinetiq: jxtpsn - experimental [2020]

this album was a set of experiments in utilizing contrasting elements in juxtapositions with themselves. i began experimenting with a lot more granular synthesis on this album, as well as the beginnings of some structure to songs, rather than meandering soundscapes that dominated my previous albums.

track list

  1. dwiagrimttahl
  2. ymtaicnhaimnueh
  3. ydnairhks
  4. nonsotveavliglibao
  5. efmupltly
  6. yftuplmle
  7. sbceraauticfhueld
  8. scyinntahgertoic
  9. mmeoldondayr
  10. mrohdyntahrm
  11. ccoimdpilceax