ntrvl> - 2020

qinetiq: ntrvl - electronic/ambient [2020]

this is the best of my early albums in my opinion. it definitely still has problems with dwelling on sections for too long, but i started designing my own patches during this time, and it gives it a really unique atmosphere out of all my releases. i didn’t really know what anything did, and these songs were basically recorded experiments in sound design. a few of them are a single synth with multiple oscillators doing completely different stuff. its a very free flowing album, i still didn’t really know or want to apply much music theory, which gives it a very unfocused but stable vibe. i find it very good as background music for studying or programming as it has a nice atmosphere without asserting itself.

track list

  1. ntgrl
  2. trtv
  3. nfn_t
  4. ntrnl
  5. ntrvl
  6. ntgr
  7. drvtv