organic rearrangement tapes

organic rearrangement tapes> - 2022

huck boles: organic rearrangement tapes - instrumental hip hop [2022]

this ep is a collection of hip-hop beats i made during the second half of 2022. consisting of heavily chopped and edited samples from other recorded music. this is a pretty sharp departure from my previous works, but i’ve always really enjoyed hip-hop from an instrumental prospective, and this album is an homage to some of my favorite producers, but with my own twist on everything.

it exists as a glimpse into the vast array of music that has influenced me and widened my perspective. i found it incredibly satisfying to work with songs that i’d known my whole life, and using them as building blocks for my own music really helped me appreciate them with a new lens.

track list

  1. antiflag revolution
  2. an infinitesimal moment in the eternity of existence
  3. smoldering ashes smothered by the flames that produced them
  4. moving mountains with the exhalation of a single breath
  5. colorful repeated stabbings
  6. the drain
  7. forgetting the goal of life’s pursuit
  8. unraveling complexity reveals the simplicity underneath