q> - 2021

qinetiq: q - idm [2021]

this album is really just an extension of things that i was working on during metaphysics. further exploration with hardware along with much more complex routing and effects on the software side. drop.point)stretch[100] is one of my favorite crescendoes, everything feels so deep and pensive up to the final triumphant outburst that envelopes the entire space. the drums have a really nice stretchy and glitchy texture to them that i can’t get enough of, and the distorted lead synth really feels like its slowly pulsing and building the pent up energy for the crescendo.

track list

  1. Arc_Station-Mod[72]
  2. BS2_ELECcyk[166]
  3. Elektron.sea[124]
  4. Cyclecircle[95]
  5. Drop.point)stretch[100]
  6. Perc(4.9)Met[114]
  7. BoX.( )sc[86]
  8. self.source[89]
  9. outputCHOP.grain[86]