textures> - 2020

qinetiq: textures - experimental/ambient [2020]

for this album i really started exploring unique sonic textures, hence the name. this album was where i actually started purposefully composing songs and designing synths with a purpose in mind rather than experimentation. i also started delving deeper into effects and routing configurations, which helped give these mixes a little more life. at this point i still was mostly stuck on a single pattern per song, without any changes or new additions beyond selective muting. i did begin using more automation across longer timescales, which helps animate the music a little bit more than previous works.

track list

  1. lstc7
  2. smth1
  3. bmp3
  4. tght9
  5. scrtch2
  6. rbbr4
  7. clnk5
  8. slm11
  9. shrp6
  10. grvd8
  11. rgh13
  12. dst12
  13. sft10