V^v^w^v^V> - 2020

qinetiq: V^v^w^v^V - electronic [2020]

my first electronic album. you can really hear my inexperience in mixing and songwriting in this one. the songs are super unbalanced and sections go on for much longer than they need to. theres a couple moments that i still really like though, especially the chords and the arp at the end of ununun, where the delays slowly build up. i didn’t really know anything about synthesizers at this point so it’s mostly presets, and i barely added any effects, giving it a weird empty feeling that i never liked. most of the drums in this ep came from new skool, a super interesting cellular automata driven drum sequencer/synthesizer, i really loved this plugin and wish there was more out there that used this concept for sequencing musical information, as it lends itself to very nice organic rhythms.

track list

  1. ununun
  2. WVMVW
  3. VvwvV